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The Benefits of Wood Products

There are many benefits of using wood pallets, skids, and boxes.

First and foremost, wood products are recycleable, reusable, repairable and biodegradable.

The durablility of this natural resource is unmatched in the industry, in addition to the cost-effective nature and safety of using a renewable resource.

Maintenance on these products is simple, and the production process allows for larger quantities and greater availability.

Forestry Facts

  • About 1/3 of the entire US land mass is covered with forest - about 737 million acres.
  • Each year Americans plant at least 1.6 million trees or about 6 trees for every one we use. Millions more trees are naturally generated.
  • More trees are growing in America's forests today than at any other time since the early 1890's.
  • Standing timber volume per acre in US forests today is 30% greater than in 1952.
  • The US has permanently protected 104 million acres of land, much of it forested in the Wilderness Preservation System. It's part of a larger total of 270 million acres that is off limits to all commercial activity, including logging, mining and grazing.

Fast Facts

  • Pallets and containers use derivative lumber that is strong and durable, but has low cosmetic value. It would likely be discarded if it were not for wood packaging usage.
  • Wooden pallets comprise 93% of the entire world pallet market because they are rigid, durable, functional, safe and cost effective.

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